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  • $399
    LIMITED NUMBERS - Black COSMIQ Dive Computer
  • $50
    DIVElink WiFi SD Card
Deepblu are a team of divers and technology enthusiasts who have recently entered the diving market with the interconnected COSMIQ dive computer, DiveLink Wi-Fi SD Card and Deepblu mobile app. 

The Deepblu mobile app is an online dive logbook and social network allowing divers to create digital dive logs, connect with dive buddies, plan their next dive and share their diving experiences.

The COSMIQ dive computer performs all of the necessary functions during a dive: calculating decompression schedules and displaying all vital dive data in real-time. After a dive COSMIQ syncs with the Deepblu app via Bluetooth to upload data directly to your smartphone and create digital dive logs in a way that is easy, quick and convenient.

The DiveLink Wi-Fi SD Card is used instead of the normal SD card in your underwater camera. After a dive DiveLink syncs with the Deepblu app via WifFi and seamlessly integrates photos and videos from your dive directly into your dive log, making them ready to be shared with your friends within moments.

With both COSMIQ and DiveLink sources, the Deepblu app automatically creates an interactive dive profile slider which pinpoints the exact time and depth at which each photo was taken. 
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Note: Currently DIVElink is only compatible with the Deepblu iOS app. Compatibility with Android will be added in a future app upgrade.
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