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TECLINE by Scubatech

  • $7.95
    Replacement HP Spigot
  • $1821.35
    TECLINE Single Tank Complete Package
  • $729
    TECLINE Twinset DIR Package
  • $869
    TECLINE Peanut 21 Single Tank System
  • $89
    TECLINE 1.2m | 4ft Closed SMB
  • Special Price$5
    TECLINE MOD Sticker
  • $1273
    TECLINE R2 TEC Sidemount Regulator Set
  • $669
    TECLINE Single Tank Regulator Set
  • $139
    TECLINE 1.8m | 6ft Semi-Closed SMB
  • $45
    TECLINE 2kg | 5lb Trim Pockets (pair)
  • $499
    TECLINE R2-R5 ICE Stage Regulator Set
  • $169
    Tank Bands Stainless Steel for 140mm Tanks (pair)
  • $169
    Tank Bands Stainless Steel for 171mm Tanks (pair)
  • $39
    TECLINE Cam Band Delrin Buckle (single)
  • $45
    TECLINE Jon Line
  • $89
    63mm | 2.5in Primary SPG Glow-in-Dark
  • $69
    52mm | 2in Secondary SPG Glow-in-Dark
  • $79
    52mm | 2in Oxygen SPG Glow-in-Dark
  • $24.5
    TECLINE Finger Spool 30m | 98ft with SS Bolt Snap
  • $28.45
    TECLINE Finger Spool 45m | 146ft with SS Bolt Snap
  • $65
    TECLINE Stage Rigging Kit Small (5-7L) Cylinders
  • $69
    TECLINE Stage Rigging Kit Large (10-12L) Cylinders
  • $190
    Jetstream Rubber Fins with Spring Straps
  • $469
    TECLINE Peanut 21 Single Tank 46lb Wing
  • $829
    TECLINE Peanut 21 Ultralight Single Tank System
  • $999
    TECLINE V2 Ice Mono Semi-tec Regulator Set
  • $369
    TECLINE V2 ICE Mono Semi-Tech First Stage Regulator
  • $13.95
    TECLINE Neoprene Mask Strap
  • $249
    TECLINE Stainless Steel Backplate with DIR Harness
  • $495
    TECLINE 17 Special Edition 38lb Donut Wing
Scubatech was established in 2002 by experienced instructors, trimix and rebreather divers to manufacture high quality regulators for use in the difficult northern Europe weather conditions. Since then Scubatech regulators have been used by professional divers, marines, fire fighters and recreational divers. 

Answering the needs of the rapidly expanding technical diving community, Scubatech created a line of equipment (TECLINE by Scubatech) consisting of wings, harnesses, regulators, SPGs, valves, thermal undergarment, lights, etc. The TECLINE equipment is designed for both cutting edge technical divers and recreational divers starting out with a technical influence. 

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