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Agir Brokk Harpa Harness Sliding-Cinch Left Hand only

from* $109.95
Innovative stainless steel cinches to turn a single length of uncut webbing into a clean and easily adjustable harness without buckles, tighteners or hanging straps. Left hand cinch only.
Manufacturer: Agir Brokk
The cinches are designed to fit through the webbing slots, making this harness compatible with most standard backplates.  Webbing glides easily through the cinch until placed under load. When under load the upper cinch pinches the webbing, locking it against further movement.

Includes protection disks for use with aluminum backplates to prevent galvanic corrosion.

Optional Battery Carrier

Attach and secure a canister light to a sliding Harpa Harness. Webbing feed through the backplate webbing slot is anchored using a stainless steel tri glide. Locks the canister in place using a stainless steel buckle with additional guide to allow the main harness webbing to slide through. 

Optional 40mm | 1.6in Crotch Strap 

Comfortable crotch strap made from flexible and tough Cordura 40mm | 1.6in webbing with butt and scooter d-rings. 

Technical Specifications: expand

3.7m | 12ft high quality harness webbing
2x protection disks
1x stainless steel left cinch
1x stainless steel buckle 
2x stainless steel d-rings
2x stainless steel serrated tri-glider
4x rubber bands

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