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Agir Brokk Niord 40lb Donut Wing - One Only!

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The donut wing design greatly reduces the movement required to redistribute gas around the wing, particularly for operating the hip dump valve. Very well balanced to improve your trim. Ideal for CCR and twin cylinders 10.5L | 85cf to 12.2L | 100cf.
Manufacturer: Agir Brokk

Susan Shield

Advanced Nitrox / Decompression Diver

I find it great how the wing provides the lift I need but is also is not too large, so there are no loose folds or bungy cords required. The wing wraps neatly around the twin tanks. A great design and after nearly 100 dives still looks brand new!

The 360 degree donut air bladder allows air movement in all directions. This is a big advantage over traditional horseshoe bladders which require breaking trim to raise the top edge and move air from the right side to the dump valve on the left. 

The Niord is intended for heavy duty use. They are manufactured from highly durable 1000D Cordura protective outer layer, 420D Cordura inner bladder, and double stitched seams.

Technical Specifications: expand

Double stitched seams
1000D Cordura outer layer
420D Cordura inner bladder

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