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Bolt snaps should be firmly attached yet able to be cut off in an emergency such as a jammed clip or entanglement.

Equipment Storage and Care Published on: 23rd November, 2016 | Diving Equipment
Photo credit: http://www.sulawesi-experience.com/news/diving-expensive-tips.html

Scuba gear is subjected to some of the harshest environments on earth such as seawater, which can speed up corrosion. Therefore, proper maintenance and storage is important to prolong the life of scuba equipment.

When choosing a scuba cylinder, we are presented with a lot of choices between steel and aluminium cylinders. So which ones do we choose for which purpose and why?

Why Did You Even Have a Plan Published on: 16th November, 2016 | Reviews and Training Tips
Photo credit: Ashton East

This story concerns a dive team who had a contingency plan for becoming separated on the drift, and the problems caused when one diver forgot that plan.

Photo credit: Ashton East on Canon S95 (compact)

Visiting Koto Kinabalu in Malaysia we took the opportunity to dive with both Borneo Dream and Scuba Junkies on the fantastically diverse reef, and to enjoy some excellent street food.

Photo credit: Ashton East

This story concerns an unplanned, but not unexpected, drift dive where surface support had not been warned of the possibility.

Photo credit: Ashton East on dodgy old Sealife compact

Halfway between Sydney and Melbourne is a little known but amazing oceanic cave dive.

Photo credit: Ashton East

This drift dive covers a lot of distance and it is essential that you are familiar with the underwater topography, natural navigation markers, and the possible exit points.

Photo credit: Ashton East

Why do some dive operators treat all divers like new open waters when allowing for experience benefits everybody including the operator?

Achieving Ideal Trim Published on: 2nd November, 2016 | Reviews and Training Tips
Photo credit: Ashton East on Canon S95 (compact)

Do you know what ideal trim looks like and why it is better for you and the reef? Do you know how to achieve it?


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