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Photo credit: Peter Southwood

Is it really necessary to complete a safety stop? It’s chilly and the surface is almost within reach – is it really necessary to complete a safety stop before leaving the water? Even recreational dives are decompression dives, a fact so many of us forget.

Beyond the obvious physical damage caused by flailing fins, it has recently been reported that high tourist numbers also increase the risk of coral disease.

Basic instinct suggests that where there are more predators, prey make more effort to avoid being eaten. For example, most people (non-divers) avoid swimming where great white sharks aggregate. However, turtles apparently don’t care if they are in shark infested waters!

Photo credit: Ashton East (compact camera)

I have been asked to give advice on how to choose a Good dive course. The following is my general advice on how to choose the correct dive course for you, I will try to keep it critical and un-biased without losing the value.

TEC Divers are going to OzTek 2015 Published on: 3rd March, 2015 | Diving News

TEC Divers are exhibiting at OzTek. As it is our first year showcasing our products and services we are celebrating by having a competition to give away a DECO and CCR course. Details below.

The Kensho Maru - Truk Lagoon Published on: 18th February, 2015 | Travel and Exploration

The Kensho Maru was a passenger / cargo ship serving the Imperial Japanese navy during World War 2. Its resting place is Chukk Lagoon, more commonly called and referred to as Truk lagoon.

Japanese Naming Conventions Published on: 14th February, 2015 | Travel and Exploration

Whilst researching the shipwrecks for the TEC Divers expedition to Truk Lagoon a pattern soon emerged. The majority, but not all of shipwrecks in Truk have names that always end in Maru.

Ciguatera poisoning Published on: 26th January, 2015 | Dive Safety and Medicine

Ciguatera poisoning is a form of food poisoning caused by eating warm water ocean fish. Diving often takes us to tropical locations where local fish are a big part of the menu so divers should know how to minimise the risk of ciguatera poisoning and be aware of the symptoms.


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