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Photo credit: Kent Erickson - Hanging out with the Koheru (Decapterus koheru)

Trip report: diving the Poor Knights Islands on the continental shelf off NZ, diving in rich blue water with great visibility.

HMNZS Canterbury Published on: 20th April, 2016 | Travel and Exploration
Photo credit: pcgiraffe

Trip report: diving the HMNZS Canterbury, a decommissioned vessel of the Royal New Zealand Navy. She was sunk as a dive wreck in the Bay of Islands, NZ in 2007.

Photo credit: Bleached coral

More than 1,000 km of the Great Barrier Reef is showing signs of significant bleaching and it is expected that many corals will die in the worst affected areas.

Dive the Rainbow Warrior Published on: 28th March, 2016 | Travel and Exploration
Photo credit: pcgiraffe - Bow of the Rainbow Warrior

Trip report: In 1985, two French Agents planted and detonated bombs, sinking the Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior. The wreck now lies in 26m at Matauri Bay, NZ.

Photo credit: pcgiraffe

Buoyancy control is one of the most important diving skills, with implications for safety, fatigue, enjoyment levels and protection of the environment.

Photo credit: Sargassum ecosystem CC Ryan Somma

Divers are familiar with coastal and island marine ecosystems but what is there to see in the open ocean? Very rarely, a unique set of circumstances create vast free floating ecosystems as bizarre as they are diverse.

Grey Nurse Sharks Published on: 1st March, 2016 | Conservation
Photo credit: pcgiraffe- Grey Nurse Shark at North Rock

Grey Nurse Sharks, are also known as the Labrador of the sea. These gentle creatures are not a threat to divers or swimmers.

Diving with Grey Nurse Sharks: The Rules Published on: 26th February, 2016 | Conservation
Photo credit: pcgiraffe

If you go diving in a Grey Nurse Shark area with any commercial operator part of the dive brief includes the code of conduct for diving with Grey Nurse Sharks. If you go on a private boat, you need to make sure you are informed.

How often do you check your dive gear? Published on: 23rd February, 2016 | Diving Equipment
Photo credit: pcgiraffe

How often do you do a thorough check of your dive equipment? Do you make the time to check your gear?

Diving to raise money for Charity Published on: 22nd February, 2016 | Diving News
Photo credit: Drifta Duck

There are many people in this world doing it tough. Some have no help, but for others the Charity Drift Dive helps bring some light and assistance to their world.


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