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BLOG > Dive Safety and Medicine

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What does it take to make my actions and reactions second nature? These are questions that although not asked out loud are at the back of many of a diver’s mind, especially when embarking on a new skill, such as technical diving.

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Our ability to dive and extend dive times over the years has improved greatly thanks to improved technologies and knowledge. However, we need to consider conservatism in our diving practices to reduce the risk of decompression sickness (DCS).

Photo credit: The History of Diving Museum

Do you know what pressure change the human body can handle?

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In general divers, unless suffering from DCI, want to avoid a hyperbaric chamber. However, hyperbaric medicine is now being used to help athletes recover from sports injuries.

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The risk of decompression illness depends on many aspects and the risk does vary with the type of diving. So, what are the rates reported?

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Your planned bottom time has come to an end. You start to head for the surface. What happens to the body as you ascend?

Photo credit: Divers getting ready to descend

The ability of our bodies to adjust to different environments is one of the many reasons that we can explore the underwater world. Yes, we need to use diving equipment to do this, but the body’s ability to adapt is critical.

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Many divers are keen to introduce their children and teenagers to the sport, but minimum age limits can mean a long wait. This is not just due to the small size and lack of maturity in younger children, but also the added risks of diving on their growing bodies.

Photo credit: TDI/SDI

Is the subject of solo diving taboo? In some circles, absolutely. Is diving solo safer than diving with a danger or incompetent buddy?

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A recent study has reviewed cave diving and hospital records for 10 years in the Mount Gambier Region to estimate the incidence of DCI.


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