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Bolt snaps should be firmly attached yet able to be cut off in an emergency such as a jammed clip or entanglement.

Equipment Storage and Care Published on: 23rd November, 2016 | Diving Equipment
Photo credit: http://www.sulawesi-experience.com/news/diving-expensive-tips.html

Scuba gear is subjected to some of the harshest environments on earth such as seawater, which can speed up corrosion. Therefore, proper maintenance and storage is important to prolong the life of scuba equipment.

When choosing a scuba cylinder, we are presented with a lot of choices between steel and aluminium cylinders. So which ones do we choose for which purpose and why?

Photo credit: Adjusting a full face mask. Credit PoliceDiver2 (CC-BY-2.0)

It’s 2015 and we still can’t talk underwater (well, we can, but at thousands of dollars per person, it’s too expensive for most recreational divers). Why is this and what is the future of underwater communication systems?

Cylinder Buoyancy Published on: 13th October, 2016 | Diving Equipment
Photo credit: pcgiraffe

How do you figure out what weight to carry when changing between steel and aluminium cylinders?

How often do you check your dive gear? Published on: 23rd February, 2016 | Diving Equipment
Photo credit: pcgiraffe

How often do you do a thorough check of your dive equipment? Do you make the time to check your gear?

Checklists – good or bad? Published on: 25th January, 2016 | Diving Equipment
Photo credit: Stephen Frink

Are checklists a good means of reducing the likelihood of diving incidents occurring?

Rebreather myths and misconceptions Published on: 18th January, 2016 | Diving Equipment
Photo credit: pcgiraffe

Diving with quite a few rebreather divers I can’t help but be curious about them. A recent article by TDI shed some light on the myths and misconceptions about rebreathers.

A brief history of SCUBA Published on: 7th January, 2016 | Diving Equipment
Photo credit: Cliffano Subagio

Would you believe that the first workable SCUBA unit was developed in 1825, around 90 years ago?

Photo credit: Shot from the iBubble promotional video, available to view at http://ibubble.camera

Meet the iBubble, a concept design for the first wireless underwater drone that films you during your dive. Is this a positive development or a potential distraction compromising safety?


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