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Extreme underwater photography – split seconds to capture a speeding game fish

Published on: 9th October, 2015 | Diving News
Photo credit: Marc Montocchio
How do you capture one of the fastest, most sought after big game fish, in the act of hunting? Jump off the back of a fishing charter at speed, of course!

Armed with only a mask, snorkel and fins (oh, and camera), celebrated underwater photographer Marc Montocchio went to extreme lengths to capture this award winning shot of a fantastic white marlin chasing after a hookless teaser.

Hours and hours of attempts at launching off the back of a moving vessel into the path of oncoming marlin were required for him to perfect his technique and capture this striking shot. The turbulence of the propellers and his own disorientation upon hitting the water had to be overcome in seconds so that he could focus all his attentions on the speeding marlin heading straight for his lens.

With far ranging, open ocean fish it is impossible to say whether they are likely to be in an area. Nothing is certain. So to locate, entice and eventually shoot footage of one is a team effort – the boat captain must be willing to take risks to locate the animals and the crew must be fast acting and highly skilled in order to tempt and draw it to the boat. Lastly, everyone has to be ready to haul the photographer out of the water as soon as the situation becomes too dangerous. 

It’s going to great lengths by any measure; convincing a professional charter operator to forgo the high fees of sports fishermen to spend days on end attempting, and failing to create the perfect conditions for this once in a lifetime shot.

The original article and video ‘Game fish photography’ by Marc Montocchio in Alert Diver Magazine are available here: http://www.alertdiver.com/game_fish_photography


Emma McIntosh

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