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How to Attach Dive Equipment Using a Bolt Snap

Published on: 24th November, 2016 | Diving Equipment
Bolt snaps should be firmly attached yet able to be cut off in an emergency such as a jammed clip or entanglement.

Cable ties and o-rings can be used for break-away equipment, but these break with a simple twist so should not be used for critical equipment.

One way to attach a bolt snap to an item of equipment (or hose) is as follows:


  • 30cm | 1ft of braided nylon line (cave line or utility line)
  • 1x 316 stainless steel swivel eye bolt snap
  • Cutting device
  • Cigarette lighter

  • Steps:
    1. Run the cave line through the eye of the bolt snap;
    2. Run each end of the line in opposite directions through the attachment hole of the equipment (or around the hose if that is what you are attaching to);
    3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 so that the line has run through the bolt snap 3 times, and around the equipment twice (in opposite directions);
    4. Pull the line tight until there is a 5mm | 3/16” gap between the bolt snap eye and the equipment;
    5. With the one end of the line sticking up through the bolt snap eye (Distance Line), wrap other end of the line 3 times around the 5 other strands of line between the bolt snap and the equipment (Wrap Line).
    6. Pull the Wrap Line to take out the slack.
    7. Pull the Distance Line to take out the slack.
    8. Tighten both the Wrap Line and Distance Line.
    9. Tie a reef knot between the two ends so that the knot sits over the steel of the bolt snap eye.
    10. Cut off the excess line leaving approximately 10mm | 13/32” of each end.
    11. Set each end alight so that it melts down to the knot, squash the melting nylon against the knot to extinguish and seal.
    12. Test the knot by twisting and pulling (do not be gentle).
    For a step by step demonstration click here to see a video by Polariskorea.


    Ashton East

    OC and CCR trimix, stage cave, underwater photographer; NSW, QLD and UK Legal Counsel.