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Where is it best to put marine protected areas?

Published on: 31st December, 2015 | Conservation
Photo credit: Hugh Possingham and Jennifer McGowan
Deciding where to create marine reserves can be tricky when there are so many species and habitats in need of protection, and lots of other uses for marine areas such as fishing and recreation.

 Thankfully, scientists have developed core principles for efficient reserve design, which weigh up the needs of marine animals and plants, with those of other users. This animation explains the use of the CARE approach to design marine reserves that are well connected, adequate for species, representative of all species and are efficient (cost the least to implement).

Read more on the limitations of the current global marine protected area network and what could be done to design it better in the related blog post here

The original video ‘How to choose marine reserves’ by Hugh Possingham and Jennifer McGowan from the University of Queensland is available here:


Emma McIntosh

TDI Adv. Nitrox & Deco. Procedures. IANTD Cavern Certified. PhD Candidate in Ecology