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Will you marry me?

Published on: 21st December, 2015 | Diving News
Photo credit: pcgiraffe
Congratulations Dave Wilks and Cassandra Hoad on your underwater engagement surrounded by sharks at Broughton Island.

We head out of Port Stephens on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning with blue skies and a slight swell heading for Broughton Island.  We arrive at the Looking Glass at Broughton Island ready for our first dive.

Descending down we find the visibility is pretty poor and the water very green.  The first surprise of the dive is a turtle.  Cas has never seen a turtle when diving and it is on her wish list, so already the dive is turning out to be one of firsts.

We enter the Looking Glass, a narrow channel through the centre of the island, and as we swim with the swell we see our first Grey Nurse Sharks.  Dave and Cas see them first as I am following along, camera at the ready.

We arrive at the eastern end of the Looking Glass and with rays of sunlight beaming through the water and beneath lazily circling Grey Nurse Sharks Dave drops to one knee and pulls out his wet notes.  To her surprise, Cas sees that words “Will you marry me?”  Furiously nodding her head Cas says “yes”.   Dave then produces a ring and places it on a gloved finger.  Not to move away from tradition, they kiss.

Arriving back at the boat the newly engaged couple is greeted by congratulations from the other divers.  The sun is shining and there are smiles all around.

Congratulations to Dave and Cas!  A beautiful moment for a beautiful couple.


Susan Shield

TDI Adv. Nitrox & Deco. Procedures. Chartered Professional Engineer