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The rugged coastline of Albany offers underwater drop-offs, canyons, caves, and wrecks.  The waters are home to a diverse range of marine life including western blue devil fish, large blue groper, sea dragons and seals.

One of the premier diving sites off Albany is the guided missile destroyer HMAS Perth.  The ship was fired upon during the Vietnam War, the evidence of the remnant shellfire is still visible.  The wreck provides diving opportunities for both recreational and technical divers.  
Albany was the first European settlement in Western Australia and is full of history including convicts and first settlers, it was the departure point for ANZAC soldiers bound for Gallipoli, and whaling until 1978.  The coastline is dramatic and has many natural attractions.  Visit the Torndirrup National Park and see the Gap, with its 24m | 79ft drop to the water, and the Natural Bridge, a granite formation shaped like a bridge.

Dive Sites

SS Cheynes III Wreck

Depth (23m | 75ft) |
Steam whale chaser, 48m | 157ft length 441 tons with triple expansion boilers (removed). Whaling from Albany until 1978. Scuttled 23 June 1982 as first purpose sunk dive wreck in the Southern hemisphere. Lots of marine life. Schools of bulls eyes around the bridge, sea dragon in nearby weedy areas.


Depth (38m | 125ft) |
Guided missile destroyer commissioned 17 July 1965, 133m | 436ft length, two 5” guns (one still on wreck). Served in US fleet in Vietnam War and is only RAN vessel to be hit be enemy fire in the last 50 years. Scuttled as a dive site 24 November 2001.

Sandras FS

Depth (18m | 59ft) |
Near Bremer Bay. Massive (10m | 33ft tall) stacked plate coral bommie (flat plates stacked on top of each other). Lots of fish life, macro and gorgonian fans. Great for photographers.

Fish Eyes

Depth (16m | 52ft) |
Near Bremer Bay. Granite bolder reef, hard and soft coral growth. Main attractions are weedy sea dragons, leafy sea dragons, and sea lions.

Michaelmas Island West and Anchor Rock

Depth (18m | 59ft) |
Rubble pile on western edge of Michaelmas Island offers swim throughs and overhangs and attracts lots of marine life. Colourful sponge and soft coral growth.

Michaelmas Island East or Fingers

Depth (30m | 98ft) |
Granite ridges extended from the eastern end of the island, colourful sponge and coral growth including large gorgonian fans. Great for macro and fish life.

Middle Rock

Depth (17m | 56ft) |
Limestone reef with kelp beds. Great for photographers.

Mutton Bird Island and Shelter Island

Depth (12m | 39ft) |
From the carpark at the end of Mutton Road, easy entry at white sandy beach. Two islands to the left. Also great as a night dive.

Tourist Rock - Cheynes Beach

Depth (12m | 39ft) |
Entry at the headland for good marine growth and fish life. Avoid in South Easterly winds.
There are many more dive sites in this area that can be arranged on request either to the skipper on the day of this event for normal dives,
or by Contacting Us for specialist technical dives.


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