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Located 1,270 kilometres north of Perth is the small town of Exmouth located on the tip of the North West Cape. Exmouth boasts a range to reef experience with the spectacular Cape Range National Park as well as the world-heritage listed Ningaloo Marine Park. The range offers hiking and walking opportunities through spectacular gorges and views from the top of the Range over the North West Cape and surrounding beaches.

Exmouth offers both diving in the town area as well as offshore around the North West Cape and Ningaloo Marine Park where you are likely to find whale sharks (March to July) or humpback whales (July to October).  The Exmouth Navy Pier, a working defence facility, is a world famous shore dive site that has been likened to diving in an aquarium.

Offshore diving at the Murion Islands and Lighthouse Bay offer pristine soft and hard coral formations and beautiful tropical fish. 

Dive Sites

Navy Pier

Depth (10m | 33ft) |
Must see structural dive with huge diversity of marine life, partly due to fishing ban. Sharks, huge groupers, wobbygongs and schools of many small species. Access restricted to single local dive centre on 12 month rotation.

Key Biscayne

Depth (42m | 138ft) |
Oil rig: non-propelled self elevating drilling unit (jack up barge) 62m | 203ft by 51m | 167ft, three triangular truss legs 108m | 354ft length, deck mounted cranes, helipad, 95 person accommodation block, machinery deck. Foundered in a storm 1 September 1983.

Cod Spot

Depth (18m | 59ft) |
Manta ray cleaning station (seasonal) around the bommie located 10m | 33ft from the northern end of a long wall covered in soft and hard coral. Also home to several large potato cod. Murion Islands.

Turtle Bay

Depth (7m | 23ft) |
Dirk Hartog Island. Nesting beach for loggerhead turtles, which can often be seen on the limestone reef. Dolphins, sharks, whales, manta rays and whale sharks are also seen in this area. The 1-3m | 3-9ft reef walls are surrounded by rubble piles.

Monkey Rock

Depth (30m | 98ft) |
Whaler sharks, large cod and grouper are often seen here. Occasionally whale sharks, various tuna and mackerel. Dive site consists of descending coral walls.

Louisa Bay

Depth (3m | 10ft) |
Diverse hard and soft coral species and lots of reef fish. Very shallow Shark Bay site, also suitable for snorkelling.

Eagle Bluff

Depth (5m | 16ft) |
Rubble pile at the base of the cliffs hiding lobster, shrimp and macro. Sea grass beds with sea snakes, dugong, dolphins and sharks. Very shallow Shark Bay site, also suitable for snorkelling.

Bar Flats

Depth (4m | 13ft) |
Patchy corals over sand with schooling pelagics, lots of anemones. Very shallow Shark Bay site, also suitable for snorkelling.

Blizzard Ridge

Depth (14m | 46ft) |
Coral reef ridge with lots of caves and overhangs. Reef sharks, lionfish, rays. Very scenic dive site with lots of colourful life.
There are many more dive sites in this area that can be arranged on request either to the skipper on the day of this event for normal dives,
or by Contacting Us for specialist technical dives.


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