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Dive Site

Montague Island

Depth (30m | 98ft) |
Dive with 50-200 Australian fur seals, they love to play and come right up close. Head deeper towards the Northern end of the island for grey nurse sharks, bull rays and eagle rays cruising over the kelp beds. Port Jackson sharks, wobbygongs and fiddler rays hide amidst the boulder pile.
There are many more dive sites in this area that can be arranged on request either to the skipper on the day of this event for normal dives,
or by Contacting Us for specialist technical dives.

Dive Centre

Narooma Charters

66 Princess Highway, Narooma, NSW, Australia Facilities:
Operating out of Narooma for 25 years, their big comfortable vessels Dreamtime and Sea Eagle run island tours, whale watching, dive and snorkel trips to Montague Island. Flexible and willing to accommodate CCR divers doing long run times on the same trip as Open Water divers.
Air Compressor
Enriched Air Nitrox
100% Oxygen
Closed Circuit Rebreather Support
Booster Pump
Equipment Hire
Dive Lodge Accommodation


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