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The Nullarbor Plain stretches approximately 1,100km | 685mi between the borders of South Australia and Western Australia.  The name Nullarbor comes from the Latin, nullus meaning “no” and arbor meaning “tree”.  First crossed by Europeans in 1841 by the explorer Edward John Eyre, the plain was inhabited at the time by semi-nomadic Aborigines.  Crossing the Nullarbor , which remains largely uninhabited, has become an iconic journey for many Australians. The limestone underlying the Nullarbor Plain forms a significant karst region. 

Below the arid desert landscape lie beautiful water bodies with clean subterranean lakes and flooded passages.   Some of these cave systems are known to extend up to 3.5km | 2.2mi below ground.  Caves to be dived include: Tommy Grahams Cave, Murra El-Elevyn, Cocklebiddy, Weebubbie, Koonalda and Pannikin Plains Caves, to name a few.  The intricate passages of the limestone formations open up into underground cathedrals.  In one part of Webubbie evidence of giant kangaroos have been found.  The caves are known for their spectacular clear water that has been described by some divers as being so clear you don’t realise you are underwater.

Dive Sites

Cocklebiddy Cave (CDAA Cave and Advanced Cave)

Single, straight tunnel more than 6km | 3.7mi long, of which more than 90% is underwater in three sumps separated by the air chambers Rockfall Chamber and then Toad Hall.

Murra El Elevyn (CDAA Cave and Advanced Cave)

300m | 985ft long main tunnel with two interconnected phreatic networks, one half-filled and the other completely filled with water.

Tommy Grahams Cave (CDAA Cave)

Steep entrance slope down rockpile enters main chamber and continues down to small lake. 190m | 625ft sump through phreatic maze to 80m | 260ft large dry chamber with another lake at far end. Glacier Lake sumps for 130m | 425ft to the edge of a 30m | 100ft diameter rockpile chamber.

Weebubbie Cave (CDAA Cave)

Large talus filled main passage SW from doline leads to two lakes. Larger lake leads to 100m | 330ft long sump, dome-shaped airspace and submerged passages beyond. Main sump has a large offshoot to the SE over 150m | 490ft long.
There are many more dive sites in this area that can be arranged on request either to the skipper on the day of this event for normal dives,
or by Contacting Us for specialist technical dives.


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