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Perth and the historic town of Freemantle are separated by the Swan River and were founded in 1829.  The discovery of gold in 1890 turned eyes to the west and saw Perth and Freemantle grow.  Freemantle harbour was developed artificially and also is the port for Perth.

Around the city of Perth there are numerous shore and boat diving locations.  The local reefs are often limestone features with overhangs, swimthroughs and caves in which divers can find crays, Western Blue Devil Fish, and cuttlefish.  The local diving opportunities include caves and swim throughs, structures and dense fish life.  If you want to dive structures the Woodman Point Ammunitions Jetty, the Jetty at Kwinana and Rob’s Jetty are all local shore dives.   Dive historic wrecks such as the impressive Royal Mail Ship Orizaba and the whaler Saxon Ranger.

Dive Sites

RMS Orizaba Wreck

Depth (12m | 39ft) |
Mail steamer, 140m | 459ft length and 6077 tons, triple expansion boiler, wrecked on 17 February 1905 when she struck a shoal while in thick haze create by bushfires. The wreck was visible for shore for many years before erosion and salvage reduced her to below the waterline.

Grain Terminal

Depth (10m | 33ft) |
Mussel beds to NE and SW of Jetty (marked by floating buoys), and structure of 650m grain conveyor and jetty. Gentle sloping sandy bottom. Great macro site, but also occasional large schools of snapper, sharks, sea lions and even penguins!

D9 Wreck

Depth (13m | 43ft) |
Dredge barge, 50m | 164ft length, penetrable but silty wreck.

Ammunition Jetty

Depth (11m | 36ft) |
Easy structural dive with reef species such as old wives, damselfish, blennies and boxfish. More diverse species on the northern side of the jetty.

The Coombe Reserve

Swan River dive with small wrecks at 10m | 33ft, 12m | 39ft and 22m | 72ft. Low visibility, and silty bottom conditions. Good training dive site.

Point Peron

Depth (10m | 33ft) |
Good weather shore dive. Lots of macro, reef fish, sea horses. Reefs to the north have swim throughs and small caves.

Bells Beach

Depth (17m | 56ft) |
Good sheltered training dive site. Silt bottom with lots of life.

Bicton Baths

Depth (10m | 33ft) |
Good night dive with blue crabs and shrimp.

Robbs Jetty

Depth (8m | 26ft) |
The jetty begins south-adjacent to the barge wreck on shore, take a compass bearing along these first shallow pylons and follow a straight line across 50m | 164ft of sand to the remaining 150m | 492ft of collapsed jetty structure.

Carnac Island

Depth (14m | 46ft) |
Weed covered limestone separated by sandy stretches. Known for sea lions, and schools of baby hammerhead sharks. Lots of small caves in rock reef to west side of the island.

FV Saxon Ranger Wreck

Depth (22m | 72ft) |
Side trawler, 38m | 125ft length 400 ton, scuttled as a dive site 5 November 2005. Originally working the North Atlantic out of the UK. Plagued with bad luck and considered a jinx. The wreck has lots of safe penetration though purpose cut access holes.

Stragglers Dredge

Depth (20m | 66ft) |
Unidentified wreck first reported in 1998, sitting upright on the sand with lots of structure. Amazing growth of corals and sponges.

Challengers Rock - Garden Island

Depth (14m | 46ft) |
Lots of fish life and some small caves. Great sheltered alternative boat dive for offshore wind days.

SV Sepia Wreck

Depth (14m | 46ft) |
Three mast iron barque, wrecked 29 December 1898: struck submerged rock and sunk within 10 minutes. Considered the most complete iron-hulled vessel in the area and contains a well preserved cargo of archaeological significance as investigations could shed light on imports into the young colony.

SV Gareenup Wreck

Depth (10m | 33ft) |
Sailing ship (83 ton iron hull lighter) wrecked in a collision with Euro on 21 August 1923. Towards the Lighthouse end of North Mole Shore Drive there is a disabled persons fishing platform, end the water hear and head 200m | 656ft on a bearing of 355 degrees. Wreck has some structure and iron ribs.

Boy in a Boat Reef

Depth (7m | 23ft) |
Shallow reef dive outside the breakwall at Hillary’s Boat Harbour. The reef is marked within four yellow bouys, the dive site is off the eastern bouy (closest to the harbour channel).

Yanchep Dog Beach

Depth (10m | 33ft) |
Pure white sand and clean blue water. Terrain is limestone reef and kelp beds, lots of overhangs, good for crays (mostly juveniles), cuttlefish and blue devil fish.
There are many more dive sites in this area that can be arranged on request either to the skipper on the day of this event for normal dives,
or by Contacting Us for specialist technical dives.


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