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Rottnest Island
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Rottnest Island, a popular holiday island located 12 kilometres off Freemantle, is a Class A marine reserve with spectacular underwater life.  The limestone formation of the island has dissolved over time to form elaborate cave systems and swim throughs.

The island has rich history dating back to around 7,000 years ago with Aboriginal artefacts being found from this time.  After visits by a number of European explorers in the 1600 and 1700s, the island farmed for hay, and salt was also harvested from the salt lakes present in the island’s interior in the 1830’s.  

The underwater scenery includes massive limestone caverns and tunnels, meadows of sea grass, sponges and soft corals.  The cave systems, including the well known Crystal Palace, form elaborate systems.  During spring the Humpback whales can be spotted and in autumn the dive sites at the western end of the island host Grey Nurse Sharks.

Another diving opportunity is the Rottnest Shipwreck Trail.  The wrecks typically date from the early 1800s and are in shallow water to 10m | 33ft. With over 200 dive sites to choose from Rottnest Island is must for diving in Western Australia.

Dive Sites

Crystal Palace

Depth (18m | 59ft) |
Sheltered dive site with good visibility, and large number of caves, overhangs and swim-throughs spread over a wide area. Samson fish, Dhufish, Western Blue Devil fish, Buffalo Bream, Boxfish and lots of crayfish.

North Point

Depth (26m | 85ft) |
Wide hole filed with fans and whips drops from the top of the reef at 18m | 60ft to 26m | 85ft. Lots of macro and larger reef fish.

20M Ridge

Depth (34m | 112ft) |
Offshore ridge at 20m | 66ft dropping off to fairly flat reef. Good spot for larger oceanic fish species.

Jackson’s Rock

Depth (18m | 59ft) |
Interesting terrain with a series of ledges, gullies and overhangs to explore. The Leeuwin Current flows down from the north in autumn brining lots of larger species.

Roe Reef

Depth (18m | 59ft) |
Huge limestone arch attracts hundreds of schooling fish. Many swim throughs, canyons and caves. Lots of crays. Amazing coral growth.

Porpoise Bay Caves

Depth (18m | 59ft) |
Great reef dive with Samson fish, Dhufish, Western Blue Devil fish, Buffalo Bream, Boxfish and lots of crayfish.

Parker Point Drop-off

Depth (22m | 72ft) |
Good wall dive from 5m | 16ft at the top to 15m | 49ft at the bottom. Colourful hard and soft coral growth and good macro.

Cigar Reef

Depth (26m | 85ft) |
Ridge feature often has visible thermoclines.

Eagle Bay

Depth (4m | 13ft) |
Beautiful bay with crystal clear water, shallow site for a dive or snorkel. Good reef with walls and a small cave.

SV Lady Elizabeth Wreck

Depth (8m | 26ft) |
Timber and iron barque 49m | 160ft length, foundered 30 June 1878 on a voyage from Fremantle bound for Shanghai with a cargo of sandalwood.

Swirl Reef

Depth (18m | 59ft) |
Ring reef with a hollow centre. Large cavern on the outside north western side.

SS Macedon Wreck and SV Denton Holme Wreck

Depth (5m | 16ft) |
Two shallow wrecks almost on top of each other. SS Macedon steam ship 67m | 220ft length 532 tons, wrecked on reef 21 March 1883 carrying general mail and 50 horses. Denton Holme fully rigged ex-barque 998 tons, wrecked on reef 25 September 1890, carrying iron pipes.
There are many more dive sites in this area that can be arranged on request either to the skipper on the day of this event for normal dives,
or by Contacting Us for specialist technical dives.


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