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Yorke Peninsula
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Stunning beaches and friendly coastal towns. For seafood lovers, collect blue swimmer crabs from the shallows, dive for crayfish and scallops, or fish fir King George Whiting. 

For history buffs, the northwestern end has a trio of towns called the Copper Triangle: Moonta (the mine), Wallaroo (the smelter) and Kadina (the service town). Settled by Cornish miners, this area drove the regional economy following a copper boom in the early 1860s. 

Wardang Island is a natural breakwater protecting the former grain port of Port Victoria and providing a sheltered anchorage. Wardang Island has claimed 8 diveable shipwrecks, mostly in the early 1900s. 

Dive Sites

Edithburgh Jetty

Depth (10m | 33ft) |
One of Australia’s best dive sites with diverse marine life and lots of seahorses. The pylons are covered with sponges and soft corals. You can see cuttlefish, frog fish, eels, crabs, shrimp, octopus, dumpling squid, leafy sea dragons, Port Jackson sharks and small cat sharks.

SS Australian Wreck (Wardang Island)

Depth (8m | 26ft) |
Schooner-rigged iron screw steamer built 1879, 49m | 160ft length. Wrecked 8 May 1912 in a blinding sand storm. The bow is broken off and washed 100m | 328ft inshore. The stern is listing, the propeller remains, stern post, rudder and warping chocks can be seen.
The propeller shaft runs from the stern north to the engine. Hull plating and frames continue further north.

Wallaroo Jetty

Depth (18m | 59ft) |
Jetty constructed 1927, the timber pylons with dense sponge and hard coral growth. Home to frog fish, ornate cow fish, and Port Jackson sharks.

Port Hughes Jetty

Depth (10m | 33ft) |
Great macro site with frog fish, prow fish, angler fish, nudibranchs, shrimps, crabs, pygmy cuttlefish, dumpling squid and seahorses. Large schools of mackerel and old wives swim through the jetty pylons which are covered with soft and hard coral and sponges.

Port Victoria Jetty

Depth (10m | 33ft) |
Small jetty with weedy sea dragons in the sea grass nearby.

Point Turton Jetty

Depth (10m | 33ft) |
Old wooden jetty with many temperate species amongst the pylons. At the end of the jetty is a Ford Telstar upside down.

Port Giles Jetty

Depth (15m | 49ft) |
Jetty with schooling pelagics and good structure. Note the long walk to enter at this site.

Wool Bay Jetty

Depth (6m | 20ft) |
Shallow dive on sea grass and intertidal rock reef. Known for leafy sea dragons and frog fish.

Ardrossan Jetty

Depth (8m | 26ft) |
Jetty built in 1877 and is 433m | 1420ft long. Timber pylons covered in sponge and soft coral, surrounded by sea grass beds and rocky reef. Marine species include nudibranchs, shrimps, crabs, frog fish, dumpling squid, carpet sharks, octopus and cuttlefish.

Chinaman's Hat Island

Depth (15m | 49ft) |
Swim throughs, chimneys, caves, ledges and crevices. Lots of fish life and crayfish. The best diving is at the back of the island.

Haystack Island

Depth (18m | 59ft) |
Big wall feature running the length of the island, with lots of caves, swim thoughts and gutters. Very colourfast sponge and soft coral growth, lots of fish life.

Wedge Island

Depth (50m | 164ft) |
Prolific fish life, lots of walls, swim throughs and caves.

SS Investigator Wreck (Wardang Island)

Depth (4m | 13ft) |
Iron screw steamer built 1882, 64m | 210ft length. Wrecked on rocks 24 April 1918. Wreck site has boilers and engine in center of site with propeller shaft and iron stern. Some frames and iron plating collapsed, wheels from cargo, anchor and propeller. Prolific fish life.

SS MacIntyre Wreck (Wardang Island)

Depth (10m | 33ft) |
Screw steamer, 33m | 110ft length. Originally built as an iron barge at Echuca in Victoria in 1877 and used on the River Murray until 1902, when it was altered to a three-masted schooner. An auxiliary engine was fitted in 1915. Wrecked on rocks 1 April 1927.

SS Willyama Wreck

Depth (12m | 39ft) |
Schooner rigged steel screw steamer, 99m | 325ft length, built 1897. Wrecked when run aground at Rhinos Head on 13 April 1907. Site features the 2 triple expansion boilers and a donkey boiler. Inspection tunnel for the propeller shaft hosts colourful marine life.

SS Clan Ranald Wreck

Depth (25m | 82ft) |
Schooner rigged single screw steamer, 108m | 355ft length, steel, 2 triple expansion boilers, built 1900. Wrecked 31 January 1909, with the loss of 40 out of 64 crew, when a design flaw caused her to roll when overloaded. The only turret ship lost in Australian waters.

SV Zanoni Wreck

Depth (20m | 66ft) |
Three mast composite (iron frame, timber planking), 42m | 139ft length, built 1865. Wrecked 11 February 1867. Remarkably intact for her age, lies on her side with some remaining structure.

SV Songvaar Wreck (Wardang Island)

Depth (10m | 33ft) |
Three mast iron barque, 84m | 278ft length, built 1884. Wrecked 14 April 1912: the chief mate dropped a second anchor for an approaching storm, when the tide went out the vessel settled on the anchor and sank. Blown up as a shipping hazard the wreckage is scattered.

SS Monarch Wreck (Wardang Island)

Three mast wooden schooner, 33m | 109ft length, built 1871. Wrecked 6 April 1909.

SS Moorara Wreck (Wardang Island)

Depth (4m | 13ft) |
Built 1909 originally as a composite barge 34m | 111ft length, in 1930 converted to a three mast schooner with auxiliary motor. Wrecked 12 August 1975 during strong winds. Hull is basically intact and upright.

SV Aagot Wreck (Wardang Island)

Depth (12m | 39ft) |
Three mast iron barque, 69m | 228ft length. Wrecked by grounding 12 October 1907. Remains are scattered, amidst rocks and weed covered. Two admiralty anchors (side-by-side), windlass, sections of hull plating and frames, masts, rudder, bollards and iron knees.

SV Notre Dame D’Avor Wreck (Wardang Island)

Depth (12m | 39ft) |
Three mast steel barque, built 1902, 84m | 277ft length. Wrecked 1 May 1920. Bow and stern protrude from water at low tide. Remains of hull plating and frames, with large sections of the masts and yards lying to the west.

Althorpe Island

Depth (40m | 131ft) |
Seal colonies, lots of reef walls. Wreck of MV Mylor Star (11m | 38ft length, wrecked 9 June 1982, at 50m depth). Wreck of SS Pareora.

SS Pareora

Steel screw steamer, 55m | 180ft length, built 1896. Wrecked 18 September 1919. Dangerous dive site with strong currents, large swells, nearby submerged shallow reefs.
There are many more dive sites in this area that can be arranged on request either to the skipper on the day of this event for normal dives,
or by Contacting Us for specialist technical dives.


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