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Tools and Spares

  • $7
    Black Silicone Mouthpiece
  • $40
    K-Type Inflator Head for BCD Inflation Hose
  • $67.5
    Tribolube-71 57g | 2oz Syringe
  • Special Price$10
    Air Blow Gun - While Stocks Last
  • $29.95
    200 Piece Nitrile O-Ring Kit
  • $46.95
    Intermediate Pressure Gauge Large
  • $8
    Comfort Silicone Mouthpiece
  • $2
    Tri-Glide Serrated Stainless Steel
  • Special Price$10
    Schrader Valve Removal Tool - While Stocks Last
  • Special Price$1.9
    Tri-Glide Smooth Stainless Steel
  • Special Price$8
    Weight Belt Buckle Stainless Steel - While Stocks Last
  • $59.95
    140 Piece Viton O-Ring Kit O2 Compatible
  • $17.95
    Brass O-ring Picks 3 Set
  • $29.95
    30cm | 1ft Corrugated Hose for Inflator
  • $24.95
    Over Pressure Relief Valve
  • $3
    D-ring Bent 5mm Stainless Steel
  • $3
    D-ring Flat 5mm Stainless Steel
  • $8.5
    Low Profile on Belt D-Ring




Nitrile (Acrylonitrile-Butadine Copolymers) (usually black) – Good physical properties for diving applications, is not considered oxygen compatible.
Viton (Fluorocarbon Elastomers) (usually brown) – Required for oxygen clean applications. There is some controversy because it degrades quickly (including flaking) and is toxic when burned.
Polyurethane (white) – Sometimes used for the face of K-valves, very tough but sensitive to UV light so damaged by exposure to sunlight. 
WARNING: material cannot be identified by colour.
Common sizes used in scuba diving 

Two dimensions describe the size of an O-ring: its inside diameter and its cross-sectional diameter (CS). 
O-rings are described according to AS568B Aerospace Size Standard for O-rings, published by the Society of Automotive Engineers. AS568B lists the sizes of o-rings in six series or groups. The first five series are based on cross-sectional diameter.  
O-rings are identified by a 3 digit number: the first digit identifies the series (i.e. the cross-sectional diameter/CS), the second 2 digits are an identifier of the o-ring from the list and not a measurement.  O-rings are listed in order of size, so a smaller 2 digit identifier will refer to an o-ring with a smaller inside diameter. 
For scuba diving, we use o-rings from the 0XX series (CS 1.78mm | 0.07in), 1XX series (CS 2.62mm | 0.103in), and 2XX series (CS 3.53mm | 0.139in). 
AS568B Inside Diameter
214 24.99mm | 0.984in Cylinder neck
112 12.37mm | 0.487in DIN regulator
111 10.77mm | 0.424in Small DIN regulator
015 14.00mm | 0.551in Cylinder valve
014 12.42mm | 0.489in Yoke regulator
013 10.82mm | 0.426in Large LP port
012 9.25mm | 0.364in HP port, manifold
011 7.65mm | 0.301in LP port
010 6.07mm | 0.239in Second stage regulator
003                  1.42mm | 0.056in (CS 1.42mm |
SPG swivel

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