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Agir Brokk

  • Special Price$12.49
    Agir Brokk Delrin Star Hand Wheels for Backplate (pair) - While Stocks Last
  • Special Price$15
    Agir Brokk 40mm | 1.6in Crotch Strap - While Stocks Last

Michael Mifsud

Deep / Nitrox Diver

I've found the Agir-Brokk Products are user friendly, comfortable, and easy to put together. I love the harpa system. AGIR-BROKK truly lives up to its reputation of premium equipment.

Laura Pope-Couston

Advanced Nitrox Decompression Diver

As they promised, the equipment does not disappoint, it truly lives up to its reputation as premium quality dive gear thats made to last.

The founder of Agir-Brokk, Tord Mattsson, was originally a technician at Volvo who designed and rode motorcycles in his free time.  After a sustaining serious injury in a motorcycle accident Tord was introduced to scuba diving.

In 1991 Tord started his own business repairing drysuits and building custom diving equipment for private divers, police and the military.  Tord quickly gained a reputation in Sweden for high quality work.  At this time he built everything from cylinder carry handles to underwater camera housings.  

Tord’s first product for larger volume production was the “Tordan” underwater halogen light.  The design was very popular and Tord has continued to refine his underwater light designs ever since.

In 1997 Ingrid Sernelin convinced Tord to take her on as an apprentice. Together they were soon repairing upwards of 500 drysuits each year and Tord was able to spend more time designing new equipment.

Tord set out to create a wing with better balance than existing models. Extensive prototyping led to the unique Habrok 50lb wing. The production of broad stainless steel twinning bands led to Tord’s first large order from a foreign distributor.

Eventually the business had grown from an experimental workshop with customers mostly form the local dive club to a global brand with a reputation for quality.  Tord and Ingrid abandoned drysuit design to focus on design and manufacture of original equipment. 

Agir-Brokk offers a growing range of high quality equipment for every level of diver. 

Constant feedback is received from their own diving, friends, distributors and customers. Producing in relatively small series allows Agir-Brokk to frequently adjust designs to refine performance. 

Agir-Brokk’s philosophy: “We want to improve our own equipment, that’s the driving force and it results in diving equipment kept clean, simple, robust and safe.”

Agir was the Norse god of the seas and oceans, he determined the fate of sailors.  He would drag ships and men to the depths and decorate his hall with loot from the shipwrecks.  Agir lived with his wife Ran in a hall at the bottom of the sea, they had nine daughters, the billow maidens, who represented different types of wave.  

Brokk was a blacksmith living in Yggdrasil, the world tree, with his brother Sindre.  The brothers were dwarfs with impressive strength, skill and versatility, who would be commissioned by the gods of Valhalla for unusual projects including making Thor’s hammer, Mjolner.

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