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  • $12299
    JJ-CCR Rebreather
  • $21.5
    JJ-CCR certified DIVEX Mouthpiece
  • $55
    JJ-CCR Corrugated Breathing Hose
  • $48.99
    JJ-CCR Loop Protectors
  • $17
    SAFT 3.6V Lithium Battery
  • $150
    JJ-CCR Oxygen Sensor
  • $35
    JJ-CCR Axial Scrubber Scrim Filters (Pair)
  • $80
    JJ-CCR Full O-Ring Kit
  • $39
    JJ-CCR DSV O-Ring Kit
  • $46
    JJ-CCR Flapper Valves (pair)
  • $59
    JJ-CCR ADV Diaphragm
  • $110
    JJ-CCR Counter Lung Bladders
Development and testing of the JJ-CCR began in 2006 and included more than 1500 hours of real life testing in a wide range of locations around the world before public release.

Jan and his team adhered to the following development philosophy and requirements in creating the JJ-CCR: 
  • Strict application of the KISS principle: ”Keep It Simple Stupid”;
  • The Rebreather must be extremely solid, versatile and reliable;
  • The Rebreather must be very simple to use, maintain and service;
  • The use of easy to obtain parts, enabling on-site repairs at any time;
  • The support of a wide range of tank sizes without requiring any special adjustments to the equipment;
  • The supply of fully operational equipment and not basic equipment with numerous different options;
  • The equipment must be configured to include a very high level of redundancy (eg separate batteries for the controller, HUD and solenoid, it must be possible at all times to manually operate the Rebreather in the event of the controller failing);
  • The use of simple and above all reliable electronics; 
  • No use of any high tech gimmicks and strict avoidance of an ”autopilot effect”, the diver must retains full control of the Rebreather and not vice versa;
  • Availability of scientific test records in order to verify the equipment performance; and
  • Always on the search for new ways of further improving the equipment.

(by Jan Petersen, October 2009)

Everything started some years ago when I did a rebreather course with Jan Jorgensen. After that I decided to buy a rebreather, but Jan Jorgensen said to me: This is not an option for you - you can build your own rebreather! He already had a design of a new rebreather in his mind.

After that we spent a lot of time together and I showed him what would be possible to machine.  The very first prototype of the JJ-CCR Rebreather was ready for diving in March 2006. Jan Jorgenson was one of the "crash test dummies" - Already after the first dive he really liked the unit very well and he was surprised about how good everything worked. I also spend many hours with test diving the rebreather and try to improve the overall design and features.

In January 2007 we got the first Shearwater GF. Lars Steffeesen - a good friend - did a try dive with it. We never got back the rebreather! Another unit was send to Dave Thompson to do some try dives and play around with it. Dave Thompson had designed some backmounted counterlungs he wanted to try with the JJ-CCR Rebreather. We never got back this unit either!

Again I had a lot of work in drawing and machine the parts for the unit. And again a lot of test dives with a small group of Danish friends. I was lucky enough to meet Henrik Søgren and he helped me with some design issues and machining. 3 Years later in March 2009 the JJ-CCR Rebreather was finally ready for the official testing at Quinetiq in England. The first testing was done in June 2009 and with a huge success the unit passed all the tests toward the EN14143 standard.

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