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A perfect mixture of comfort, safety and cutting edge Scandinavian technology.  A dream of travelling to the unknown limits of this world and having experiences you have not even dreamed yet. Welcome to Ursuit and the dry suit you’ve been looking for. 

Ursuit, or Ursuk as it was initially known, started out as a modest little dive shop in Turku, Finland, in the 1960s. The backroom of the shop served as a factory in which the company’s wetsuits were hand cut for each customer individually. 

The 1970s saw the rise of Neoprene. The 3mm | 0.118” suits were a hit with Finnish water sports enthusiasts, particularly windsurfers. In the 1980s Ursuit moved into underwater activities with the company’s 6h SOLAS suit. This allowed for water immersion.

However, it was the millennium that brought the big innovation for scuba divers. Ursuit developed its Heavy Light dry suit which offered a lighter and more breathable alternative to neoprene. It could be used not only for recreational diving, but also for professional, technical and rescue use. 

Today, run by Managing Director Ville Rantala, Ursuit offers a wide variety of hi-tech suits, from the Heavy Light to the Cordura to the new Heavy Light 2.0. 

Why buy an Ursuit drysuit? 

The answer is quality. Each part of an Ursuit drysuit is the best possible option to improve your experience in the water. Ursuit suits are rugged but still light for travel, allow for a wide range of motion, and fit comfortably. 

Ursuit’s breathable drysuits use a hyrophopic membrane which allows air and water vapour to pass through, but not water. Ursuit’s trilamninate drysuits are lightweight and durable. Ursuit’s range of cordura and softdura drysuits are rugged for the harshest environments, but still flexible. 

Ursuit can install Tec Dry Boots, allowing for good flexibility and buoyancy control. They use two types of zippers: metal and plastic, both made by YKK- the largest zip supplier in the world. Ursuit uses valves made by quality producers SiTech and Apeks. 

Of all the Ursuit drysuits perhaps the most well-known and “flagship” suit is the Ursuit Heavy Light which shows many of the Ursuit design concepts:  

Kevlar reinforcement, which allows for good tear, puncture and long-term wear resistance; 

Neck hood and neck seal, which makes it warm; 

Front zipper, which allows you to easily dress without outside help and is also covered to keep it clean;

Design is constructed for your body ergonomically, so it feels like you are wearing normal cloth;

Thigh pockets are easy to open if you are wearing gloves; 

Heat pressed shoulder, knee and back give greater durability; and 

Tec Dry boots give you good flexibility. 

Overall, suffice to say, it’s a good suit. 


More about Ursuit 

Ursuit’s drysuits continue to be made in their factory in Finland. This allows you to be comfortable that the products are reliable and that Ursuit is genuinely interested in listening to you as a customer and responding to your needs, but perhaps the most impressive thing about Ursuit is what its product represents. 

Drysuits by their nature allow you to go to places that you would never be able to go and haven’t even dreamed of yet. Ursuit is a company based on a spirit of adventure, as exemplified by their suits being used by explorers in the Arctic. In 2013, explorers, Sebastien Roubinet and Vincent Berthet, used Ursuit standard drysuits to take part in a 3,300km | 2050mi journey between Barrow, Alaska and Spitsbergen Island, Norway across the North Pole. 

Ursuit has has come a long way since its modest beginnings as a little dive shop. It now employs 60 people in its factory in the Lauste District of Turku, Finland. 

However, at the end of the day, the vision of the company remains the same. To create a product that is innovative, safe and comfortable. To make the unachievable possible. 

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