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JJ-CCR Rebreather

from* $12,299.00
Described as the 4x4 of rebreathers the JJ-CCR is tough, versatile and modular. Designed on the Keep It Simple principle by engineers passionate about diving. Mandatory course to be purchased separately.
Manufacturer: JJ-CCR APS
The JJ-CCR uses commonly available components wherever possible for ready access to parts and spares while travelling and in remote areas.  Designed to be highly durable and damage resistant with most parts constructed from stainless steel, aluminum, delrin and cordura.

The modular design allows for a wide range of customisation. The unit is able to mount cylinders from the standard 3 | 25cf up to 12L | 100cf.  Various upgrade options are available such as the longer duration radial scrubber, larger canister, oxygen manual add valve and bailout valves. Hoses and cylinders are readily re-routed and re-positioned to tweak buoyancy and for personal preference. 

Delivered ready to dive straight out of the box.

Essential features of the JJ-CCR rebreather:

  • Shearwater Petrel controller (decompression modeling with broad scope for variable customisation, programmable with 5x OC and 5x CC gases in any mix). 
  • Independent Digital HUD (Head Up Display) with real-time display of PPO2 for all three oxygen sensors.
  • Highly robust aluminum housing fitted with 2x cam bands standard (fits up to 12L | 100cf cylinders), and with rails for an additional 2x cam bands (up to 4x cylinders or mix of cylinders and appointments such as battery canisters).  
  • Packable axial soda lime canister, optional upgrade to radial canister. 
  • Heavy duty stainless steel stand able to be used instead of hip d-rings for side cylinders.
  • Integrated stainless steel handle extends for use and assembly, recessed for streamlining.
  • Back-mounted counter lungs, easily removed for cleaning and patching.
  • Redundant power supply: 1x AA battery for the controller, 1x AA battery for the HUD, 2x 9V batteries for the head (HUD and Solenoid). 
  • Integrated ADV (Automatic Diluent Valve) and optional Diluent MAV (Manual Add Valve) upgrade. 
  • Oxygen MAV for manual oxygen feeding and connecting off-board gases.
  • DSV (Dive Surface Valve) and optional BOV (Bailout Valve) upgrade.

Shearwater Petrel Controller

Powerful, simple, reliable: PPO2 monitoring with full decompression, multi-gas trimix, large display, 2-button state aware navigation, replaceable batteries, digital compass, upgradable firmware.

Essential features of the Shearwater Petrel controller: 
  • Large (6cm | 2.4") display screen which is easy to read, full colour, and bright enough to see clearly in the dark.  
  • Simple two button “state aware” navigation system, which allows you to easily access the various diving modes it offers including the OC Recreational, OC Technical, Rebreather, Gauge and Digital Compass that you have with the Shearwater Petrel 2.  
  • Pre-programmable up to 5 open circuit and 5 closed circuit gas mixes, editable underwater. 
  • Gradient factor decompression algorithm, with high and low gradient factors pre-programmable and editable underwater.  
  • Optional VPM-B algorithm for alternative decompression modelling. 
  • User replaceable AA batteries, works with a single battery of any standard AA type, meaning you don’t have to send it back to the manufacturer for battery renewal.  
  • Digital Compass with three axis and tilt compensation, avoiding the need to carry a separate compass.  
  • Bluetooth integration, which allows you to connect with PCs, Macs, iPods and iPads to update firmware and download log-book details. 
  • Multiple languages including English, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Korean, and Japanese. 
  • Upgradable firmware, to keep your device at the cutting edge of functionality and decompression theory with ongoing support from the manufacturer. 

Technical Specifications: expand

- 70x40x26cm | 27.5x15.7x10.2in including the handle
- 34.2kg | 75lb ready for operation with 2x 3L | 25cf cylinders
- 19.8kg | 43.7lb without tanks and soda lime
Soda lime
- Average 2.5kg Sofnolime 797 (axial canister) 
- Running time 180 minutes (depth irrelevant) (axial canister)
- The only supported soda lime is: Sofnolime® 797 manufactured by Molecular Products.
Standard Oxygen Cylinder 3L | 25cf steel (200 bar |  2900psi)
Standard Diluent Cylinder 3L | 25cf steel (200 bar |  2900psi)
Included Batteries
- 2x 3.6v lithium (SAFT 14500) (HUD and Controller)  
- 2x 9v block lithium (Parallel operation for the solenoid)
8L counter lung volume
Atmospheric pressure range
- 800-1050mbar | 11psi
- 1st stage "oxygen" medium pressure: 7-7.5 bar | 101-109 psi
- 1st stage "diluent" medium pressure: 9-10 bar | 130-145 psi
Oxygen control
- Two oxygen setpoints (low and high). Can be switched as many times as required, also changeable under water.
- Oxygen setpoint range from 0.4 to 1.5 bar (low and high)  
- Oxygen warnings
- Low 0.4 bar
- High 1.6 bar  
Oxygen sensors
- 3x R17JJ-CCR galvanic cells
Operating temperatures
- When diving: 4-34C | 40-93F
- Short-term (air): -10-50C | 14-122F
- Long-term (storage): 5-20C | 41-68F

Shearwater Petrel Controller
Screen Resolution: 320x240 QVGA 
Display Type: Full colour LED LCD 
Battery Type: Single AA (any type) 
Battery Life 
- AA Alkaline: 35 Hours 
- SAFT LS14500: 100 Hours 
Number of Gases: 5 OC / 5 CC 
- Computer (WxHxD): 83x74x39mm | 3.3"x2.9"2.15" 
- Package (WxHxD): 120x100x77mm | 4.7x3.9"x3" 
Dive Log: 1000 Hours 
- Computer: 260g | 0.57lbs 
- Package: 380g | 0.83 lbs 
- OC Rec: 3 gas nitrox recreational computer 
- OC Tec: Multi gas, trimix decompression computer 
- CC INT: Closed circuit fixed PPO2 
- CC EXT: Closed circuit real time monitoring of 1 or 3 O2 sensors 
- SCR EXT: Semi-closed monitoring of PPO2 for 1-3 O2 sensors 
- Gauge: Bottom timer with stop watch and dive logging 

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