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Divesoft He/O2 Analyser

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Check gas mixes with this professional grade oxygen and helium analyser. The analyser switches into the helium and oxygen measuring mode upon activation, so there is no need for you to set up anything.
Manufacturer: Divesoft

Ryan Duchatel

Divemaster, JJCCR Rebreather Diver, Advanced Nitrox Deco

Make sure you analyse every tank before use with the DiveSoft analyser. They are highly accurate and reliable and wont need to be upgraded as your diving journey develops.

The analyser is manufactured from high-strength aluminum alloy, which guarantees stable dimensions and resistance against mechanical damage. The surface is hard-anodized to protect it against scratching.

The analyser features a membrane keypad and an easy to read amber OLED display on which the measured values are shown. The gas composition is displayed after approximately 5–10 seconds depending on cylinder pressure.

Measured gas is fed into the analysed-mix inlet on the back of the analyzer and passes through the helium-concentration sensor. From there, it enters the oxygen-sensor block and is expelled into the air by the mix exhaust. The rated flow of the analysed mix is 0.2 L/min.

The analyser is powered by a standard nine-volt battery (type 6F22) (rechargeable Li-Ion supplied) or by an external power supply connected to the left side. The battery is accessible from the bottom by removing the two screws of the retaining cover.

On the back of the analyser, there is a connector for attaching auxiliary devices (for measuring cylinder pressure during filling, tank temperature, electrical voltage and resistance, etc). A USB connector is located on the side for transferring data to a computer and for updating firmware.

The analyser is equipped with a barometric pressure sensor for automatic ambient pressure calibration. 

Technical Specifications: expand

Dimensions 82x200x37mm | 3.25x7.875x1.5in 
Weight: 720g | 1.6 lb
Range of measuring the concentration of oxygen: 0 to 100 %
Range of measuring the concentration of helium: 0 to 100 %
Measuring temperature: 0-40° C | 32-104° F)
Mixture pressure: consistent with ambient pressure, in the range of 700–1100 millibars (20–32 inches of Hg) which corresponds to the standard atmosphere at an elevation in the range of 0-3000m | 0–10000ft above sea level. 
Rated gas throughput: 0.2 L/min
Basis of measuring the speed of sound: 800 mm
Measuring frequency: 2 kHz
Oxygen sensor: Teledyne R-17D or compatible
Power source: 9V alkaline battery, type 6F22 or 12V adapter DC.
The connection dimensions of the sampler: standard for a “DIN” valve (EN 144-2) for 200/300 bars (G 5/8 thread). 
Samplers with a connection to any standardized or common valves are available on request or as optional equipment.

Tim Muscat

Instructor: technical, CCR, cave

The divesoft analyser is the best analyser I've used. It is extremely accurate and reliable when it comes to checking my gas mixes. Its simple to use and has many useful features.

Cameron Bull

Advanced Nitrox Deco Instructor / CCR Decompression Diver

It's simple, easy to use and is a great addition to any divers or gas blenders toolkit.

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