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52mm | 2in Oxygen SPG Glow-in-Dark

from* $79.00
Italian made brass and tempered glass secondary SPG dedicated for oxygen cylinders. Easy to read luminous (glow in dark) dial marked “Oxygen” and showing gas pressure to 300 bar. Comes 100% oxygen compatible. Includes HP Swivel and viton o-rings.

Technical Specifications: expand

Delivered 100% Oxygen compatible/clean
Diameter: 52mm | 2in 
Thickness: 16mm | 0.63in 
Dial: marked “OXYGEN”, displays to 300 bar, white luminous/glow in the dark face
Material: chrome plated brass body, tempered glass face
HP swivel with Viton O-ring
No plastic boot to remove
Certification: EN 250 CE 0426

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