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Scubatech Mask, Classic Frameless

from* $50.00
This classic style frameless dive mask has a wide viewing angle and low internal volume, making it easy to clear.  The mask has a classic black style skirt preferred by many technical divers; which also provides an excellent seal to the face. The soft skirt is made from high quality black silicone, with a matt finish on the outside and smooth gloss finish on the inside and seal.

The single piece lens is made from tempered glass.  The lens exceeds the impact test requirements of American National Standard Z86.11-1985 (however you should not dive head first wearing the mask).

The mask has broad silicone strap with pivoting hinge to ensure even pressure on the skirt for sealing.  Pull to tighten and lift the hinge cover to release strap tension.

Each mask comes in a sturdy plastic box which should be used to protect the mask when in storage and transport.

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