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Shearwater Air Integration Transmitter

from* $475.00
Connect up to two wireless transmitters to a Shearwater Perdix AI to display cylinder pressure in all computer modes for up to two gas cylinders and automatically calculate gas time remaining at your current breathing rate.
Manufacturer: Shearwater Research
Price Match Offer: Scuba Fiend will match any Australian supplier’s retail price for the Sherwater Products, and will consider matching international prices (allowance may be made for the effect of import duties and shipping costs). Send your request with proof of lower pricing (eg the URL and screenshot of the offer) to:  contact@scubafiend.com

Note: Perdix AI dive computer sold separately.

Technical Specifications: expand

Battery Type: 3V CR2 Lithium
Battery Life: 300 Hours
Depth Rating: 152m | 500ft
Wireless mode: low frequency RF 38kHz 

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