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Shearwater Petrel 2 with Fisher Connector

from* $1,565.00
Powerful, simple, reliable: for CCR rebreather integration as primary or redundant PPO2 monitoring with full decompression, multi-gas trimix, large display, 2-button state aware navigation, replaceable batteries, digital compass, upgradable firmware.
Manufacturer: Shearwater Research
This version of Shearwater Research’s Petrel 2 includes an external Fischer Connector which allows it to integrate into rebreathers for primary or redundant PP02 monitoring (up to 3 oxygen sensors) with full decompression. 

  • Large (6cm | 2.4") display screen which is easy to read, full colour, and bright enough to see clearly in the dark.  
  • Simple two button “state aware” navigation system, which allows you to easily access the various diving modes it offers including the OC Recreational, OC Technical, Rebreather, Gauge and Digital Compass that you have with the Shearwater Petrel 2.  
  • Pre-programmable up to 5 open circuit and 5 closed circuit gas mixes, editable underwater. 
  • Gradient factor decompression algorithm, with high and low gradient factors pre-programmable and editable underwater.  
  • Optional VPM-B algorithm for alternative decompression modelling. 
  • User replaceable AA batteries, works with a single battery of any standard AA type, meaning you don’t have to send it back to the manufacturer for battery renewal.  
  • Digital Compass with three axis and tilt compensation, avoiding the need to carry a separate compass.  
  • Bluetooth integration, which allows you to connect with PCs, Macs, iPods and iPads to update firmware and download log-book details. 
  • Multiple languages including English, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Korean, and Japanese. 
  • Upgradable firmware, to keep your device at the cutting edge of functionality and decompression theory with ongoing support from the manufacturer. 
  • Manufacturer’s warranty.

Technical Specifications: expand

Screen Resolution: 320x240 QVGA 

Display Type: Full colour LED LCD 
Battery Type: Single AA (any type) 
Battery Life 
- AA Alkaline: 35 Hours 
- SAFT LS14500: 100 Hours 
Number of Gases: 5 OC / 5 CC 
- Computer (WxHxD): 83x74x39mm | 3.3"x2.9"2.15" 
- Package (WxHxD): 120x100x77mm | 4.7x3.9"x3" 
Dive Log: 1000 Hours 
- Computer: 260g | 0.57lbs 
- Package: 380g | 0.83 lbs 
- OC Rec: 3 gas nitrox recreational computer 
- OC Tec: Multi gas, trimix decompression computer 
- CC INT: Closed circuit fixed PPO2 
- CC EXT: Closed circuit real time monitoring of 1 or 3 O2 sensors 
- SCR EXT: Semi-closed monitoring of PPO2 for 1-3 O2 sensors 
- Gauge: Bottom timer with stop watch and dive logging 

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