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TECLINE 1.2m | 4ft Closed SMB

from* $89.00
Orange (standard)
Yellow (emergency)
Compact SMB size is suitable for travel and emergency use to signal the boat. High visibility colours, reflective strips and transparent light stick pocket. Integrated bungee loop is a nice touch and helps to keep the SMB rolled up and tidy.
- Compact size (1.2m | 4ft) for emergency use and travelling 
- Bright orange for high visibility signaling your location, or bright yellow for high visibility signaling an emergency.
- Closed base, approximately 10kg | 22lb lift capacity. 
- Over pressure relief valve prevents over-inflation and over-expansion (when deployed from depth the volume of gas will expand as the SMB ascends).
- Anchor loop for lifting attached weight and for attaching a line from your finger spool or primary reel. Integrated stainless steel swivel eye bolt snap, however we advise cutting this off as it is not a reliable connection point for cave line. 
- Metal power inflator for inflation from a low pressure inflator hose. Metallic construction resists damage where plastic options will break. 
- Integrated bungee strap to keep the SMB rolled up until needed.
- SOLAS reflective strip near the midpoint and top for high visibility at night.
- Transparent tube above the upper seam for fitting a chemical (cyaume) or led light stick.

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