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TECLINE Peanut 21 Single Tank System

from* $749.00
The Peanut 21 backplate wing and harness encourages perfect trim for single tank divers. Rugged double layer construction. Simple DIR harness for strength but simplicity. A very versatile but practical diving system.
1x Peanut 21 Single Tank 46lb Wing
1x Stainless steel backplate
1x Stainless steel single tank adapter
1x DIR harness (2x bent d-ring, 1x d-ring, 1x stainless steel weight belt buckle)
1x 55cm | 21.5in Proflex braided low pressure inflator hose.
2x Cam band with stainless steel buckle 

The Peanut 21 wing weight 950g | 2lb, with large lift capacity 21L | 46lbs. The asymmetric design shifts the buoyancy profile down to the wider sides for comfort and cleaner hose routing.  Use for up to 1x 18L | 150cf cylinder.

The unique 3D design of internal bladder provides a massive buoyancy capacity from a wing with a surprisingly compact profile. This shape also funnels gas to the inflator hole for efficient and easy air dumping. 

The Peanut 21 wing features a tough double-layered construction but light enough to be a travel BCD wing.

Soft and flexible but sturdy DIR harness including 2x bent d-rings at the shoulders, 1x straight d-ring at the left hip for stowing primary reels and backup cylinders, 4x heavy duty rubber bands for cleanly stowing accessories, and 1x stainless steel weight belt buckle. 

Technical Specifications: expand

TECLINE Peanut 21 Single Tank 46lb Wing
- Large buoyancy capacity displacing 21kg | 46lbs.
- Extremely light, weighs only 950 grams | 2lbs including the corrugated hose and inflator.
- Outer shell is made of flexible but durable 1000D Cordura.
- 3D construction with narrow top section creates better trim and allows for a higher surface position, easy air dumping with the unique asymetrical design.
- Hose routing fits nicely around the design.

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