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TECLINE V2 ICE Mono Semi-Tech First Stage Regulator

from* $395.00
Uniquely designed to angle most hose ports downward at an angle to keep hoses close to the body and streamlined when using a single tank. Straight angled LP ports on each side for optimal routing of breathing regulator and BCD/wing inflation.
Right side:
1x HP port angled down: for optional wireless transmitter or alternative SPG rigging.
1x LP port angled down: for octopus/alternative second stage regulator secured to hips-chest triangle, or long hose primary second stage regulator.
1x LP port horizontal: for primary second stage regulator, or secondary/short hose second stage regulator secured around neck.

Left side:
1x HP port angled down: for SPG.
1x LP port angled down: for drysuit inflator.
1x LP port horizontal: for BCD/Wing inflator.

Technical Specifications: expand

Balanced diaphragm design
Dry chamber: cold kit
4 LP ports and 2 HP port
Maximum operational pressure: 300 bar | 4351 psi
Maximum flow by 20 MPa pressure: 3823 l/min | 840 gallon/min
Intermediate pressure: 8.5 bar | 123 psi
Material: maritime bronze
Weight: 790g | 27.9 oz

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