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xDeep NX Zen Deluxe BCD

from* $869.00
Very comfortable backplate wing and harness replacement for a BCD. Perfect for taking a technical approach to single tank diving. Donut wing design helps pull the diver into ideal trim position (horizontally flat) and allows free movement of gas.
Manufacturer: xDeep
Small size: divers less than 175cm | 5ft 10in tall
Large size: divers greater than 175cm | 5ft 10in tall

The harness, backplate and wing keep the proven and familiar whilst integrating new materials technology, design and innovation to significantly enhance stability, balance and comfort.

The NX Zen features:
- Wing made from a tough Cordura 1100 dTEX outer shell and Nylon 440 dTEX inner bladder with 19kg | 42lb lift capacity suitable for single cylinders up to 15L | 125ft steel;
- K-type inflator on 40cm corrugated inflator hose;
- Centre inflator connection and a wing profile that enables an easy and complete release of air;
- Shoulder straps connect lower on the backplate than traditional designs making it easier to don and doff;
- Deluxe Harness with shoulder pads and adjustable, heavy-duty quick release buckles;
- Shoulder and left hip stainless steel d-rings for torches, reels and side cylinders;
- "V" crotch strap creates greater security and stability, includes 2x stainless steel d-rings for accessories, scooters and cameras;
- Weight pockets on the waist band in its slightly higher position better align the centre of gravity with the centre of lift, providing excellent trim;
- Comfortable and neutrally buoyant shoulder back pad; and
- Cam bands with lightweight and durable delrin buckles.

Included in the box:
1x Aluminium Backplate (precision cut) 
1x Shoulder back pad
1x Deluxe Harness with shoulder and left hip stainless steel d-rings
1x Lightweight single tank adapter
1x BC wing
1x Low pressure inflator hose (standard connector)
1x V crotch strap with 2x stainless steel d-rings.
2x Cam bands with delrin buckles
1x User manual

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